Monday, June 29, 2015

10 Weeks

In 10 weeks our son is getting married.  

We will be having it here on our property.  They have a tent arranged and fancy port-a-potties!  Invitations are designed and ready to be printed and sent out in a few weeks.

They are having the wedding of Kayleigh's dreams.  She has always dreamed of a unique dress.  I won't give it away here, I'll wait to show you!

We will be all pulling together and getting flowers planted in their wedding colors, getting the yard and surrounding areas looking their best, doing some baking, ordering flowers - you know, all the fun parts of putting on a wedding.

We are thankful for their commitment to each other and to raise Kamryn in a loving home.  She's going to look adorable at the wedding, trust me on that one!

We are very happy and excited for them!

Let the fun begin!

Friday, June 26, 2015

The World Is Changing

The signs are everywhere.  Everything has been turned on its head. I think we are in for hard times.  I believe we are going to experience another economic downturn, soon.  I don't know if the end times are here but I think it is very much the end of the 'world' as we know it.

I believe it is time to simply live out our faith.  To notice the neighbor in need - to actually know the neighbor, and to be a help to them.  To care for our families, especially our aging parents, and to help our kid with their kids.  We maybe the sandwich generation caught between our own parents needs, and grandkids, but for Tim and I we are still raising our own children!  Do we feel pressure?  I don't think so.  We just ask God to help us do what He's given us to do for the day, and we do it to the best of our ability.

We all will need to live much simpler lives, and I am thinking that may very well be a good thing.  We all talk about when life was simpler with longing, but how many of us take steps to live that simpler life?  You can step off the crazy train anytime.  Slow your pace down and walk with the Lord daily.  I believe you will find your life richer and fuller.

Tim works at a place where people are all about how much money they can make.  They sign up to work double shifts on the weekends (16 hour days) in addition to their time during the week.  There are many factors that contribute to this, but I wonder when they see their families.  Are they all empty nesters? Divorced? Just wanting to be able to have things?

When hard times come things don't comfort you, the people you have surrounded yourself with and invested time in will be your comfort, and the Lord, of course.

A Bible School teacher said many years ago, "God always prepares you for what He has prepared for you."  I believe it.  Learn to listen to those promptings and senses of direction.

My dear friend Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me has tons of great Saturday posts about Pantry Living, and other preparedness things.  

I am not negative person, I'm a true optimist, but I don't believe that things will be better soon.  I think though that we can have a very good life in the midst of hardship, if we are focused on the things that really matter.

Honoring the Lord and walking with Him.

Encouraging our families.

Serving others.

These things are real, true, and of value.  These things will bring satisfaction and a contented life.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Garden: New Hydrangea

My steady, reliable hydrangea has suffered the last two years, due to the harsh winters we've had.  No flowers last year and this year there are two blooms on it!

Here are some photos from past years.  You can see why I adore this plant!

I purchased this hydrangea at Costco about 5 or 6 years ago, and this year I bought another one from Costco, a beautiful deep pink.

 I planted it outside, and it seems to be thriving but I don't think I am going to get anymore blooms on it this year.

I decided that I am hydrangea addicted and with our property I could have many more hydrangea plants, so I bought another one two days ago.

It is a Wedding Gown Mophead.  I love it!  Now, to figure out where to plant it so that I can see it from the house!

Are you plant/flower addicted?  What are your favorites?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Weight Loss Update - Trim Heathy Mama

I've not posted a weight loss update since the end of March.  I was at 40 pounds lost then.  After that I lost 3 more pounds during April and then May hit.  Oh my.  I ate off plan quite a bit - more like eating to maintain mostly, but I really hit a plateau.  My second one since starting THM in September 2014.  I went up a few pounds but never more than four.  

When June came I got back on track.  I was happy to see the 43 pounds lost again, and then on Sunday I weighed and saw that I have lost 2 more pounds for a total of 45 pounds.

I am delighted!  It has been challenging at times, but I am learning a lot about sticking with the plan and trusting God in it.  I have a long way to go, but I know this is a way of eating for life.

  You can read about my weight loss journey here, here, here, and here.

45 pounds in nine months.  I was hoping to be further along at this point but I am learning to accept what is and to be thankful!  45 pounds in nine months is awesome!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Garden Photos and A Chat

This past week was a blur.  My brother's family left on Tuesday and on Wednesday my dad fell and hit his head.  He is doing so well.  He came home from the hospital on Saturday, and is resting easily at home.  Mom is doing well, also.

Yesterday, Rachel headed out to the youth conference at Emma's school.  A Dad from our church is taking the week and drove four of the kids from church down.  It has been a real blessing in our daughter's lives, and I know this year will be the same.

I've got a decent cold, so I am taking Mucinex and trying to rest.  Its hard for me to just do nothing, especially when I was a way from home 4 days last week for the bulk of the day.  I mowed yesterday and ran errands, and Kyle and Sarah and I ended up at my parents house for a swim.  I grilled burgers for everyone and we visited for a while then the kids and I headed home.  

It is weird after having 6 kids to just have 2 around.  These two are very good at entertaining themselves, so that is nice for me with my cold.

We've had a lot of rain this past week.  Mostly at night and a few were big thunder and lightning storms, with downpours.  Our grass, gardens, and weeds love it in combination with the heat.

 The Cottage garden is wild. You can't even see the Daylilies that are along the fence because of the Larkspur.  My hollyhocks are being visited by Japanese Beetles. (Frown)

 My Echinacea is very showy this year.

The bees are loving it!  In the autumn, the finch will pay the seed heads a visit!

I'm off to close my eyes for a bit.  Back tomorrow to talk weight loss.  It's been a while since we've talked about it.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Quick Update On My Dad

My and I went in yesterday and he was out of bed and sitting in a chair.  We could tell he felt so much better.  He said better than he had for weeks!

His sodium levels are on the rise!  Normal range in 135-147 and his had been 113.  Last night they were in the 120's.  So that is very good and a direct answer to prayer.

He had some visitors yesterday, and an endless parade of hospital staff.  They are all very kind and working to get him better.  Still, he tried hard to nap in the afternoon and that was hard to do.

He'll been for a few more days, it seems.

Thanks for your prayers.  They have been answered in the way that we had hoped.

Now I am off to breakfast with my man.  It'll be good to see him face to face, after being ships passing all week!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Prayers For My Dad

There was virus running through my parents house while my brother was here.  Monday when my dad and mom both weren't feeling better they went to their GP and he thought my dad had early stage of Pneumonia and started him on a breathing treatment and antibiotic.  My got an antibiotic and is feeling better.  Dad just seemed really weak and this morning my mom texted me to tell me that my dad had fallen in the night and that he hit his head but he seemed okay.  It had bleed some, my dad told her.

I asked if I should come over and see how he was and she said I could come over after taking Rachel to cello.  

Now my dad had been sleeping downstairs in the family room in his recliner because he could breath easier and when he told my mom he was fine, she took him at his word because he is a trained first responder with their local fire company.  

I went downstairs and the first thing I see is that the slate on their fireplace hearth is broken and there was a BIG spot of blood on the rug.  When I cleaned his head (it was still bleeding) there was a lot of clotted blood but what I could see of the cut was deep! 

We got him ready and headed out to the ER.  While there besides dealing with his head they found out that his sodium was really low.  The admitted him into the intermediate ICU until they figure out why his sodium is low.  They want to do a MRI of his brain, but I'm not sure how they will do this with 15 staples in his head!

The doctor wants to get to the root of a chronic cough he has had, in spite of seeing an ENT specialist.  Whatever is going on there could be causing his low sodium.

Tonight I got to see my dad's skull - the doctor let me look at his cut after they cleaned it before putting staples in his head.  It was so interesting, but Wow!  That was my dad's skull!  His gash on his head went all the way to the skull. Crazy!

We see God's hand in it all.  If he hadn't fallen, we would never have known about his low sodium and it could have been very bad.
Thanks for praying for him, and if you are not squeamish you can look below here at the photo of his head AFTER staples.

Poor dad!