"Our homes, imperfect as they are, must be a haven from the chaos outside. They should be a reflection of our eternal home, where troubled souls find peace, weary hearts find rest, hungry bodies find refreshment, lonely pilgrims find communion, and wounded spirits find compassion.”
~ Jani Ortlund

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Update On Lindsay

Thank you all for your concern for Lindsay and for praying for her.  It's been a frustrating three weeks, but this week she finally got a diagnosis.


After the nurse called with the lab results, she looked up the symptoms of Mono and texted me.  "I have every one of the symptoms."

They have put her on Prednisone.   She is beginning to feel better, thankfully.

Brewing Irish Breakfast tea.  We drink it hot and cold all day long!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Home Again

We arrived home Sunday evening one person less than we started out with.  Emma has started her two year program of Bible Study at a small school in South Carolina.  She's doing well.  

Monday, we took the day to unpack and to get the Autumn decor out of storage.  Every year I change up what I do and where I use things.  I am not a scarecrow kind of gal, I tend to do natural things, flowers, leaves, berries - that kind of thing.  I have been following a nice fall home tours in blogland hosted by Laura @ Finding Home.  I'm enjoying it, and I haven't looked at it yet today, but I am finding that every 'big' home blogger is doing neutrals.  I just couldn't live with that!  I need color!  The reason I love the Autumn is the amazing colors of the leaves changing!

We also are back into the school groove.  Yesterday the kids did watercolor painting and today we will cut leaf shapes out of them and string them up to make a garland!  These kinds of things make our days fun, and make learning more than just academics.

Yesterday we got my parents to the airport and off on their two week visit to California.  They get to hang out with my brother and sister in law, my nephews and niece and their children.  My parents have three great grandsons who live out there!  

While Tim and the girls took them to Philly, I took the time to decorate for Autumn at my Mom's house, with her things.  When she gets home on the 30th her house will be all ready for her to enjoy.

Now today I am headed to take Rachel to Cello and run a few errands.  Then home to finish school, and do some reading and to have rest time.  This is something I did when the older kids were young.  An hour after lunch to be quiet (the little ones always napped) and read or listen to an audio drama and do quiet activity like Legos.  Every one gets a break from each other and time to do something they want to do alone.

I'm certain I'll be drinking some tea during my quiet time.

How are your days going as we slide into Autumn?  We've had warm, mild days and cool, chilly nights!  Love it!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Things I'm Drawn To

 Jamestown Museum

 In the Jamestown Fort - Delft Tiles from Holland

 Jamestown Fort - Chest Detail

 Peyton Randolph House - Williamsburg

 The Randolph Silver - Originial - Williamsburg

 Elizabeth Randolph's Mirror - Originial - Williamsburg
 Elizabeth Randolph's bed - After Peyton's Death

 Yorktown Museum - Men's Waistcoat and trousers

 Yorktown Museum - China teapot - 1768

 Yorktown Museum - Woman's Jacket

Yorktown Museum - Same Jacket

Yorktown Museum - Women's shoes

I love the details of a person's life - how they lived, what they wore, how did they cook, what did they cook.  I should have been an anthropologist.  I guess I'm an amateur one!

Jamestown is early 1600's.  Williamsburg and Yorktown are 1770's.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A New Season Of Life

Today was the day.  We got Emma all settled in her room at her school.  Her roommate is a young woman from Mongolia.  They found out that they both love coffee.  They are off to a harmonious start! 

Emma looking through one of her books for this year.  Her bed is high - she has tons of storage underneath the bed.

 Here is the pretty bedding we bought for her.  It's very Emma.

 A shot of some of the important things in her life - coffee, Nutella, jewelry, her perfume.
 Here is her desk.

 Her roommate (a second year student) Onon - pronounced Ah-nahn got her flowers and emergency chocolate!  

 Her books for this year.

 The campus is beautiful.

 There was a banquet tonight and then the staff and students were all introduced.

Afterwards there was a lot of chatting.  This cute gal in the striped shirt is a friend Emma has from 3 years of youth conferences.  She is a first year student too.

 Ben (from our church) is an intern at the school this year.  He stopped to chat a bit after helping serve at the banquet.

Listening to one of the staff members sharing tonight we know we are leaving our girl in such a wonderful place.  Emma will have the opportunity to study the Word for two years alongside those who love God and His word.

She will have struggles ahead, but God is working such beautiful things into her life.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Jamestown Church

At the Jamestown Settlement they have recreated what the fort would have looked like.  One of my favorite buildings is the church.

 James I is on the throne of England but you can see the Tudor styling in the building.

 Craftsmanship always gets my attention.  This is a reproduction but it is true to the historical records.  This is from the early 1600's.

 This is hanging in the back of the church by the baptismal font.

 I am always interested in how even in such a remote location, they were interested in beauty.  (I don't know if I took photos of the Governor's house, but some of the furniture in there is amazing!)

 Great detailing on the doorway.

 Governor's chair for church.

 Sarah in the pulpit.

Twin bells.

I love exploring history.  I am reminded, when I come to places like this, that they were not living primitively, over all.  Once they got settled they had furniture and delft tiles around the fire places, and a velvet seat on the 'fancy' seat for the chamber pot.  I think because we are taught evolution in schools, that we somehow think they didn't live well.  We are blessed to have electricity, better care for our teeth, the internet - you know, all those important things.  I am thankful to live in the time that I do, but I am also thankful for those hearty souls who braved hardships and challenges to settle in a new land.  

Ancestors, on my Dad's side, came to New Kent, Virginia in the 1680's.  Others landed with Oglethorpe in Georgia.  Here is an interesting bit from Wikipedia -

Georgia was a key contested area, lying in between the two colonies. It was Oglethorpe's idea that British debtors should be released from prison and sent to Georgia. Although it is often repeated that this would theoretically rid Britain of its so-called undesirable elements, in fact it was Britain's "worthy poor" whom Oglethorpe wanted in Georgia. Ultimately, few debtors ended up in Georgia. The colonists included many Scots whose pioneering skills greatly assisted the colony, and many of Georgia's new settlers consisted of poor English tradesmen and artisans and religious refugees from Switzerland, France and Germany, as well as a number of Jewish refugees. There were also 150 Salzburger Protestants who had been expelled by edict from the Archbishopric of Salzburg in present-day Austria (see Salzburg#Religious conflict), and established the settlement of Ebenezer near Savannah. The colony's charter provided for acceptance of all religions except Roman Catholicism. The ban on Roman Catholic settlers was based on the colony's proximity to the hostile settlements in Spanish Florida.[citation needed]

My ancestor's were some of those Scots mentioned in that paragraph.

I'm proud to have family that helped to settle America, and hope that 
some of that bold and brave spirit has passed on to me and my kids.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just A Glimpse

A few of the many things that have caught my eye.  

We had a day of pouring rain on Monday, and yesterday it rained on and off.  Today the sun is shining!  So happy about this.