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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tea Time: New Tea Cups

Rachel gifted me with two new tea cups for Mother's Day.  We found them at our favorite local store, Fresh Vintage by Amy, in Strasburg.

 There are so many things to love about this tea cup.

The colors, that ruffled edge

 The faint mark says, "Prussia" on it.

I love the unique handle.

This one is striking with the green color.

It has a delicate embossed detail at the bottom of the cup.

I love the beautiful pattern on this one.

 I love Johnson Brothers patterns.

Pretty handle too, even if it is out of focus.

I haven't posted any tea related things lately.  One of my Royal Albert teapots got a crack in it near the handle and now is only on display, instead of usable.  

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Latest Chalk Paint Project

I'm learning new things about using chalk paint, every time I paint. I am a fan of Annie Sloan chalk paint and love the many colors that are available.  I was able to purchase two new colors with some money that was gifted to me for Mother's Day.  I chose Old White and French Linen.

We have lots of wood furniture - oak mostly - that we have had for many years.  They are in really good shape but need a bit of freshening up, and you all know by now how I love to change things up around here!

I decided to do one of my end tables in French Linen.  It is a grey tone, and it is not a color I have used in my home before, but I have seen many project painted in this color and new I would like it.  It has a vintage feel.

 I lightly distressed just the edges of the table top.

I bought 300 grit sandpaper and after I waxed the table I used the sandpaper and got a very soft to the touch finish!

I took these photos in the afternoon with the sun streaming through the windows.  At night with just the ambient lighting the color is much darker.

I will be doing more projects with this color in the future.  Have you used chalk paint before?  I know that Dotsie has.  She did a wonderful buffet for her dining room recently.  

Now to figure out what to use the Old White on.....

For more information on chalk paint check out my Pinterest board Chalk Paint.

Home Education: What The Evaluator Said

So many of you expressed interest in the kids evaluations and the hope that the evaluator would find that they had done well.

Our evaluator has been evaluating for us since Nate was doing high school.  She has known these three students of mine since BEFORE they had to be evaluated.  This is a blessing to us, since the evaluators job is to determine if an appropriate education is being given and if the students are making sustained progress.

She looks at a sampling of their work and talks with them.  She'll ask what their favorite subject was this year, she asks their least favorite.   She asks them to things like, "What was your favorite thing you learned in math this year?"  She knows how to get them talking about their learning and can tell how they've done.  

She gets to know each one over the years, and knows Sarah's love for literature, she gets to hear about their favorite books, what they read, read any reports they've written, listen to their Bible memory. (This year they memorized Hebrews 11:1-16.)

Her is what she wrote about each kid.

Rachel - "Rachel continues to be an accomplished student.  Her cello playing is beautiful!  Rachel is on track to meet the requirements of the PA Homeschool Law.  She is self-motivated, well read and well rounded.  Rachel is ready for 11th grade."

Sarah - "Sarah continues to thrive!  She is presented with a challenging and thorough curriculum.  She continued to be an avid reader and has an impressive book list!  Sarah is very creative and her love for learning is contagious.  Sarah is ready for 8th grade!"

Kyle - "Kyle is a good student.  He is working above grade level in Math.  He is improving steadily and doing very well.  Kyle is excited about his learning, is well spoken and polite.  It is a true pleasure to evaluate him."

Again, we are thankful for her encouragement, and we are thankful for the privilege of home education our children.  We will never get these years, these moments back.  Once they are gone, their gone.  

I am very mindful of this as my older children are thriving adults and living their lives.  I'm so grateful for the years we spent forging relationships and learning together.  It's bearing fruit as I see the friendships and relationships my kids have with each other, Tim and I, my parents, and others in our community.

Home education is hard work, but it is worth it.

Thank you so much for your prayers, and well wishes.  If you have any questions about home education please feel free to ask!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Home Keeping: Changing The Bed Linens

I love a nicely made bed, and if it is pretty, so much the better!

I love adding white on my bed when the weather turns warmer.  The comforter goes to storage until Autumn, and I bring out lighter bedding.    I have an older matelass√©, that I now use as a cover on the couch in my bedrooms' sitting area.  I was in need of something new, and I found this beautiful quilted coverlet at Christmas Tree Shops.  It was $29.95, can you believe it?!

Do you make changes to your rooms seasonally?  

In other news....

Emma is on her way back to South Carolina today.  Prayers for a safe journey are appreciated.

Friday, May 15, 2015


They've each gathered a sampling of their work and are ready to meet with our beloved evaluator, Tracy.

We must show a log of days kept, a curriculum list, a reading list for each child.  The kids have now completed 10th, 7th and 4th grade.  Kamryn has finished preschool and I'll be starting her in Kindergarten work this next year.

Sarah and Rachel have over 30 books on their lists for this year and Kyle has 21.  Amazing.

Next week I'll turn these into the school district along with the required information for next year.  

We will be on summer break until August, when we will start again.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Romance Department

The romance department is in full swing around here!

Nate and Kayleigh are putting plans into high gear, heading toward their September 5th wedding.  As of now we are going to host it here, so we are thinking through the logistics of things like where everyone will park and should we rent some porta potties.

 We are very happy for them.

Summer will be busy working out the details.

Emma will be back in late August into early September for the wedding.  When she comes she'll be bringing a friend.

You may remember that he visited here at Easter.

They started out as friends, and just before Easter they recognized that friendship was blossoming into something more.  They won't see each other much over the summer, as he is working in his hometown and she'll be working at EI.  

We are excited for them, too.

It is such a fun time in our family life, and we are grateful to God for His goodness to us.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Time Flies

We use the phrase "Time flies, when you're having fun" around here  a lot.  I guess we must have A LOT of fun because time surely does zip by around here.

Emma arrived home Monday evening.  A friend from school rode up with her and left yesterday afternoon to go to family in New Jersey.  He'll fly home soon to Peru.  Yesterday we took him to visit our Amish friends.  They are gracious hosts, and love to meet people from different countries.  We took Emma's roommate, who is from Mongolia, and another friend, who is Brazilian but grew up in Japan, to visit them just after the new year.  Edher, our Peruvian friend, heard about our that visit and wanted to meet them too.  Then Emma and the girls took him to meet Lindsay and have a tour at Sight and Sound, before he caught his train.

So here we find ourselves on Wednesday already!  She and I are going to breakfast then I will take Rachel to cello and I need some groceries!  We were at our homeschool convention on my usual shopping day, and I haven't made it to the store yet!  We have lots of meat in the freezer but not much else.  Makes for interesting meals!  Actually we just ordered pizza yesterday because with everyone coming and going it was easier.

I'm savoring every moment of this life I lead.  

How about you?