Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In Winter, It's A Marshmallow World

This was the best kind of snow, as the roads were mostly just wet after they were plowed.  I took a young friend to work yesterday and once I got off my unplowed street, it was smooth sailing.  By time I got home, my street was plowed too.

We are left today with the beauty of this "marshmallow world."

Not much happening here at home.  Our days have an easy rhythm to them, which is nice after a very busy autumn and holiday season.

I watched a wonderful webcast last night.  It was a book launch for Sally Clarkson's new book, "The Life Giving Home."  More about that in the days to come.  I remember reading a book by Sally Clarkson many years ago, and feeling as if I found a kindred - someone who understood me, and my heart for my home and family.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tea: In Blue And White

  I bought this sweet teapot last week at Christmas Tree Shops.  The blue and white caught my attention.

 I paired it with a few teacups for the top of my mantel.

 This teacup was purchased at Yorktown, Virginia.  I like its shape and the footed cup.

 This tea cup is a lovely blue transferware pattern.

I also have a set of four of these Spode Blue Room teacups.

 And these great little ironstone bowls by Johnson Brothers.

I'm joining today with Bernideen and with Sandi for some party fun!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Girl With A Dream - Edited

Not sure why some can see the video and some can't.  I know on our computers I am no longer able to view videos on other blogs.  I thought perhaps it was due to having an adblocker on the computer but I am not sure.  I've reloaded the video so hopefully it will play now.
My Sarah is a delightful girl.  She's always been one for enjoying music, and literature, and movies.  She loves to sing.

But honestly, she is the one kid in the family that had a hard time keeping in tune.  This distressed her because she loves to sing and longs to sing well!

She also likes theater and though she has no experience (yet), would love to be a part of productions like they do at Sight and Sound.

Recently she started voice lessons with my friend Becky from Hospitality Lane.  Becky is a great supporter of dreams, and she has encouraged Sarah so much.

So a few weeks ago Sarah told me she'd be singing during the offering time at church.  Today was the day.  She sang Be Thou My Vision, which is a favorite of mine.

She did great.  Here is a portion of her singing.


 As her voice gets stronger she will have more boldness in her singing.  Becky has plans to work on expression and musical theater with her.  Sarah loves her weekly lessons.

I'm so thankful to see her gaining confidence and to be able to enjoy singing well! 

Friday, February 5, 2016


I won a puzzle from Vee, though she didn't tell anyone that she was doing one!  I simply guessed the closest to the amount of time it would take her to do her puzzle.  

She sent a Magic Cloth which I used on some windows today and they look great, and a sweet heart shaped pot holder.  She's a keeper as far as friends go!  She also has great hand writing!

I started the puzzle this afternoon.

I like to start with the edges first so I found all the flat pieces and grouped them.  

As I looked through the puzzle pieces, I put together any that look like they go together.

Rachel helped me for a while and then when Kayleigh arrived to pick up Kamryn, she got into it and we accomplished quite a bit.  I'm done for the day, but will work on it again tomorrow.

Not bad for a quiet Friday afternoon.

Thanks, Vee!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Often Seen In My Decor

Legos of many kinds - here, there, and everywhere.

I'm old enough to know that this phase will pass sooner, rather than later,  and I'll miss the lego playing boy.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Chickens: The Hens Are Laying

Last year was a hard year for chickens at Creekside Cottage.  We had always let them free range with little issues.  Their coop was in the horse pasture near the barn and we had no predators. Then this last spring through summer we started to lose one chicken here, and one there, and realized that we had a hawk visiting regularly.

We could here his call and see him circling.  We knew that he'd been finding meals here.  We had our new chicks and when they were old enough to leave the brooder we set them up in the enclosed dog run with a small coop and our two remaining hens.  One Sunday morning we came out of the house to leave for church and their sitting on the top of the dog run (the top is enclosed in fencing too) was the hawk looking down at all the tasty young chicks that he could not get too!

We decided to leave them all in the dog run until he didn't visit anymore.

The chicks were so cute.

And grew into beautiful hens and two roosters.

  We moved them all to the big coop near the barn recently.  They are doing well there and like the protection from the weather that the barn affords.

They are happy and contented and laying now.
 Three different breeds of chickens are represented here - Australorp, Chocin, and Speckled Sussex.  We can't wait until the Marans start laying, their eggs are chocolate colored!

Very exciting to be getting our own eggs again!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Over The Weekend

My husband had a list of what he wanted to accomplish.

- Get hay.
- Clean out nesting boxes.
- Let the chickens out to free range.
- Wash the van.
There were a few other things, too, mostly chore type things and not projects.  He was able to check every one of those items off and it made him see what he had accomplished.  It makes him happy.

Me?  I rarely make a list.  For me a list is a looming thing that hangs over my head, and through the years of mothering and schooling kids, I have learned that my days need to be mostly 'fluid' and not set in stone.  I do very well with fluidity.

I was teasing him about his list.  I understand him and know how good it makes him feel to see the things he has accomplished at the end of a day.  I told him what I got done.  Painting on my bookcase, cooked breakfast, made dinner, mopped my bedroom floor, listened to good music, folded laundry.  We both accomplished a lot but each in our own way.

It was a good weekend.  Sunday was church and a soup and salad luncheon, with games for the afternoon.  Then we headed home with some friends for a brief time.  Some of our kids came over and ate pizza.  Lots of talking and laughing.  Emma fixed my knitting!  I'm close now to decreasing!  Hurrah!

 I waxed and sanded the bookcase yesterday.  I also tried a bit of dark wax in the detail areas on it, but I'm not sure if I like that or not.  

 Here it is back in the hallway with natural morning light.  It makes the whole hallway brighter.  It was previously the same color as the floor.
 Here I have the overhead hallway light on.
 A look at the dark wax.  I may just paint over it, but I'm going to live with it for a while.

I am very happy with this project, and I can't wait to do my bathroom vanity!
How was your weekend?