"Our homes, imperfect as they are, must be a haven from the chaos outside. They should be a reflection of our eternal home, where troubled souls find peace, weary hearts find rest, hungry bodies find refreshment, lonely pilgrims find communion, and wounded spirits find compassion.”
~ Jani Ortlund

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sleep Over

One of the challenges, if I can call it that, of having my granddaughter living with us, is that I don't always get one on one Grandma/grandchild time with her.

Last night, I invited her to "sleep over" with me in my bed.  While Tim read to our kids (he is reading the Return of the King) before he went to work, Kamryn and I headed to my room to watch something together.  We ate popcorn, and enjoyed Princess and the Popstar, and then Blue's Clues.

Then she and I snuggled in with her five stuffed animals and went to sleep.  Well, she wiggled, and jiggled for a while, but it wasn't too long before she was asleep.

It was fun, and I need to remember to take the time for just she and I.  

Love that girlie so!


Vee said...

I have learned that sleeping with a grandchild can be just like sleeping with a blender! You did well!

Debbie said...

Laughing at Vee's comment!!
I remember sleeping with my grandmother when we would sleep over. I can tell you that there is not one single memory any more dear to me than that one, and we didn't even have movies to watch.

Love this!

Cheryl said...

How precious...and what a great, inventive idea!! Memory-making moments, indeed!

podso said...

That is making the best of your situation mixed with a good dose of love and creativity!

Cheryl said...

Popping back in to say that I keep giggling about Vee's blender comment!! :D

Lorrie said...

Sweet times. Laughing at Vee's blender comment. Little ones do move around a lot.